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What a Picture, What a Photograph!

Ever-changing skies, tall chalk cliffs, caramel-coloured sandy beaches, spectacular early-morning seafront sunrises and enchanting evening sunsets - it's no secret that the Isle of Thanet coastline is amongst the most stunning in the southeast. Couple that with the captivating wildlife inhabiting the Isle's shorelines and we think you'll agree how lucky we are to have all this on the doorstep.

From the Botany Bay chalk stacks, the sweeping Margate Sands to Broadstairs' shell-shaped Viking Bay and Ramsgate's impressive harbour, the coastal landscapes offer some fabulous photo ops. Unsurprising then, that an ever-growing community of talented Thanet-based photographers has sprung up in recent years. A peruse of their work gives a wonderful array of visual perspectives to please and inspire us all.

Of course, photography is not just for the aficionados - anyone can have a go. Whether you're snapping away with your smartphone or getting to grips with something more technical, you will not have to look far for that perfect shot. Winter or summer, rain or shine and whatever your aspect, the reflective light along the Thanet coast is captivating, adding a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to the proceedings.

Turneresque skies at Margate. © M Smith

Speaking of light, Romantic landscape painter JMW Turner famously waxed lyrical about the skies over Thanet, calling them "the lovliest in all Europe." The eponymous Turner Contemporary has taken him for his word by building their stunning art gallery on Margate seafront, with huge windows to take in the special light. In other words, go down there with a camera and you will not be disappointed! In fact, the Turner Contemporary Open was recently announced and submissions - including photographic work - are being called for. Why not give it a go?

Other chances to either submit, exhibit or view examples of Thanet's finest photography include (subject to Covid restrictions) Thanet Photographers Exhibition running in Margate, the Kent Coast Gallery just off Broadstairs' seafront promenade and the Margate Museum in the Old Town. Here you can marvel at the imaginative, thought-provoking compositions created by photographers with a real eye for a great shot.

Boats on Broadstairs Harbour. © M Smith

Want to see more? Head over to Instagram and follow the hashtags for Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate for an ever-changing array of gorgeous images as people share their holiday fun with us. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and often the images really capture the essence of seaside life on the Isle of Thanet. We look forward to welcoming you soon. Don't forget your camera!

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