Screamland at Dreamland 2018

Dreamland Screamland Sleep Experiment

Discover the darker side of Margate's famous funfair - Screamland is seven nights of spookiness and frissons of fear.



Set in one the UK's most iconic fairgrounds, Dreamland, Screamland is one of the scariest festivals around. This is an adult experience and not for the very young (recommended age is 12 and upwards) or the faint hearted. 



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The spine tingling Screamland event runs for 7 nights between 13th and 31st October 2018. The dates are 13th (preview night) 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 31st October. It opens each night at 6pm and closes at 11pm. Most importantly, leave yourself plenty of time. To get totally terrified and visit all seven mazes means arriving nice and early.  The ticket includes unlimited free rides in the fairground, horror themed sideshows and the seven interactive scare mazes. There is something to scare the socks of everyone.

The Mazes

The mazes are fully immersive live theatrical experiences like no other. You enter into each maze with a small group of other ticket holders. However, you will have your individual experience as you interact with live actors in a scary scenario. To give you an idea of what to expect here is the terrifying trailer for the Dreamland Sleep Experiment.

“Set in a research facility, neuroscientists are conducting a social experiment to see if human reactions to severe sleep deprivation could be the key to unlocking a sixth sense within the human body. Prison inmates are being used as test subjects in exchange for early release, but something has gone very wrong and all communication from the facility has ceased. Inside, the rooms are filled with noxious gasses to assist in keeping the test subjects awake. Staff working within the building are protected with body suits and full breathing apparatus. Test subjects are masked to protect their identities – a decision made by the prisons due to many of the participants being high-profile criminals who could potentially gain their freedom on completion of the experiment. What waits inside?” – enter the maze to find the answers.


If you want further frights to chill you to the bone, try Mary Decomposed.

A rare opportunity has arisen in Margate; the wreckage of the infamous passenger liner, the Mary Rose, has mysteriously re-emerged from the deep. The Mary Rose is listed as one of the most famous ghost ships in the seven seas and is known to appear once every twenty years, floating near the Goodwin Sands. Spotted by locals floating just offshore of Margate; it was towed in and brought to nearby Screamland for further inspection. The Captain’s logbook was discovered in a safe on board the ship. All of its pages had been removed and few clues remain about the demise of the passengers and crew. One thing is certain; ever since it has breached the surface, the ship creaks and groans, begging to be returned to the deep, taking its secrets with it. Hop aboard and explore the mysteries within…if you’re brave enough.

Tiptoe in to the Tunnels of Terror for those moments of blood curdling dread with historical artefacts and scared archaeologists. Or walk into The Upside Down and try and escape the creatures lurking in the shadows. If killer clowns don’t scare you, test yourself against Festino’s Funhouse. Here, there a whole bunch are waiting in the shadows and are definitely out to get you. The evil Puppeteer Norman Bloodworth is waiting for you to come to the Punch and Judy Horror Show. Watch out because he is planning to use you, yes you, as the helpless puppet embroiled in his evil plans.

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Dead and Breakfast at Screamland 2018

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Experience the darker side of Dreamland and visit Screamland this October. If you dare.


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