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Broadstairs, One Of The Best!

We have seen some of the best weather of the year in the past week and the long-awaited summer of 2021 is finally here. When we think of summer, we picture the pubs and restaurants full of smiling faces, children enjoying their holidays by the sea, and we get to immerse ourselves in those experiences. Here at Broadstairs Apartments, we want our luxury, self-accommodating apartments to be a home away from home, where you can enjoy the warmest and most extravagant time of year.

© Ferran Feixas via Unsplash

We love where we live, and apparently so does everybody else, not that we’re surprised. Kentlive revealed last week that Broadstairs and our neighbouring towns (Margate and Whitstable) are the most ‘value for money’ seaside staycations for 2021. We couldn’t be more pleased to see the lovely town that we call home being praised for just how vibrant and charming it is (not to mention affordable). As much as the views and the ocean breeze draws people in from all over the country, it’s the sense of community and the memories made in Broadstairs that bring people back time and time again.

As we all adjust to getting back to normal life, things can be overwhelming. However, taking a weekend away to relax in a bright, private, self-catered apartment by the sea is the perfect way to ease yourself back into enjoying getting out and about after a tough year. It’s times like these when we must make the most of the great holiday destinations around us. You can rest assured that Broadstairs will welcome you with open arms and give you the time away that you need to finally feel a sense of normality once more.

© Harding-Lee Media

Kentlive also commended us on having great pubs close to the sea, great views whilst drinking your preferred alcoholic beverage deserves one hell of a toast! Here are some of our favourite pubs and bars by the beach:

  • For amazing fish, drinks and a beautiful view of Viking Bay head to: The Tartar Frigate, Harbour St., CT10 1EU

  • If you’re looking for a classic pub with great beer: Neptune’s Hall, Harbour St., CT10 1ET

  • Highly recommended and dog friendly: The George Inn, Albion St., CT10 1NE

  • Love live music? Head to: The Magnet, Albion St., CT10 1NE

  • For a more sophisticated, studious night, you can check out: The Chapel Bar and Bookshop, Albion St., CT10 1NE

You don't want to miss out on these amazing pubs so if you find yourself in the area, make sure you pop in!

Broadstairs is the perfect holiday destination if you’re wanting to get away from the city for a while. Being only an hour and fifteen minutes on the train from London, there’s no better place to be when you need a little more tranquillity in your life. We know this is going to be a great summer, so why not come on down to Broadstairs and see what all the fuss is about?

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