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Life Is Booming By The Sea!

Oh, how we’ve missed you! We have waited patiently, and our patience has definitely been a virtue. With the easing of restrictions over the past couple of weeks, Broadstairs has returned to its natural, vibrant state of being. Seeing people on the streets, outside of cafes and bars, and enjoying the sunny weather is a true blessing. What’s more, we at Broadstairs Apartments have warmly welcomed our first guests of the summer months! Our self catering accommodation was created to be a home away from home and it fills us with joy to have you all staying with us once more.

Something that has touched our hearts these past weeks has been seeing our favourite local businesses thriving with life and happy customers. This summer will be a great kickstart to the economy and it all comes from what we do best in Britain, and that’s having a good time down the pub! The overwhelming sense of community within Broadstairs remains prevalent, greeting the landlord of our favourite pub or the manager of our go to alfresco restaurant, or even seeing some friends outside! Seeing this reminds us that no matter what we go through, Broadstairs is always ready to bounce right back and continuously greet people to a vibrant lifestyle by the sea.

If outside pubs and restaurants aren’t enough to get you excited for summer, wait until you find out what’s to come. From 17th May, inside drinking and dining will be reintroduced to the public. That’s right, more space and opportunity for fine dining, good old drinking and great times. We are so looking forward to seeing you all out and about and enjoying yourselves whilst staying with us in one of our luxury holiday apartments. If this year has taught us anything, it is to say yes to the experiences and excursions that we took for granted beforehand. Whether it’s a weekend away or a full-blown week-long holiday, you deserve it.

© Elena Zeig

As we said, the atmosphere in Broadstairs right now is incredible, and it will only get better as more restrictions are lifted. With the May bank holiday coming up and then indoor dining starting on 17th May, there is much to look forward to. It’s so important for us to be supporting local, small businesses this summer and Broadstairs is packed full of them! We can’t wait to see more and more people walking on the promenade, lounging on the beach and rekindling with friends, family and partners in restaurants and pubs.

© Elevate via Unsplash

With the opening of inside dining, we will be sure to give you a handful of recommendations on our favourite places to eat by the sea a bit closer to the time. Broadstairs deserves so much praise for its scenic views, local businesses and its welcoming community. Until then, enjoy the sun, enjoy the pubs, but most of all enjoy everything that the beauty of Broadstairs has to offer!

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