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Discover Broadstairs on Two Wheels with Luxury Serviced Apartments and Briary Bikes

Are you ready for a remarkable adventure exploring the scenic coastal town of Broadstairs? Look no further than, where luxury serviced apartments meet the exhilarating experience of cycling with Briary Bikes.

© Briary Bikes

Explore Broadstairs on Two Wheels:

Broadstairs, a charming town on the Kent coast, is renowned for its stunning beaches, quaint streets, and captivating history. What better way to immerse yourself in its beauty and charm than by embarking on a cycling journey?

Luxury Serviced Apartments:

At, we offer a selection of upscale serviced apartments that serve as the perfect base for your cycling escapades. Our luxurious accommodations are conveniently located near the town center and beach, granting you easy access to Broadstairs' attractions and cycling routes.

Briary Bikes:

Briary Bikes is an electric bike hire company based in Thanet that offers a delivery and collection service, it is run by a local mum who understands the importance of exercise for both physical and mental well-being. Lucy understands for some, finding time to exercise is time consuming and isn't always enjoyable for others but being on the electric bikes gives you that sense of freedom, excitement, adrenaline, and light exercise that releases oxytocin needed for a happier/ healthier lifestyle whilst enjoying the fresh air. It's great for bonding with others or to blow off the cobwebs on a solo journey.

Briary Bikes offers high-quality bicycles suitable for all ages and skill levels, ensuring an enjoyable ride for everyone. From comfortable cruisers to top-of-the-line road bikes, they have the perfect wheels to suit your preferences.

Cycling Routes and Exploring Broadstairs: Once you've acquired your Briary Bike, set off to explore the wonders of Broadstairs with these exciting cycling routes and attractions:

  • Viking Coastal Trail: Embark on the renowned Viking Coastal Trail, a breathtaking 32-mile route encircling the Isle of Thanet. Revel in coastal vistas, pass through charming villages, and discover historical sites along the way.

  • Botany Bay and Joss Bay: Pedal your way to the stunning Botany Bay and Joss Bay, two renowned beaches in Broadstairs. Delight in the coastal breeze as you cycle along the coast taking in the picturesque beauty of these captivating locations.

The lightweight foldable E bikes can take you up to 35 miles around our stunning coastlines. A link to Thanet Cycle Trails map can be seen here:

© Briary Bikes

A full price list can be found here: and Briary Bikes offer an extraordinary combination of luxury accommodations and exhilarating cycling adventures. Whether you seek an active getaway or simply wish to relish in the splendid scenery, Broadstairs has it all. Book your stay with us and reserve your bike from Briary Bikes to embark on an unforgettable cycling experience in Broadstairs. Broadstairs Apartments has bike racks in the rear garden too so this is handy if you do need to pop back at any point.

To learn more about Briary Bikes, visit their website:

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