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Bank Holiday On The Beach

Updated: May 3, 2021

Time flies when there’s good weather and exciting events on the horizon, we can’t believe that the May bank holiday has come and gone already! The month of May is a milestone in the year where we can congratulate ourselves on getting past the wintery months and start looking forward to summertime. We've definitely seen the best of it this weekend with our lovely guests that have come to stay. What’s more, Broadstairs Apartments’ luxury holiday accommodation is only a stone’s throw away from the beach, which means they were able to fully immerse themselves in life by the sea!

© Samuel Tresch via Unsplash

It is good old British tradition to go away on a bank holiday weekend, and May bank holiday is the most exciting one of all! The warmer weather has made for the perfect trip where you can relax and take a breather from your busy lives. Taking a weekend away from the cities in which we work can be extremely therapeutic, so traveling to a seaside town close to London sounds like the ideal excursion. Broadstairs is only an hour and fifteen minutes away from London by train, making it the go to seaside town for the perfect weekend away!

By trading the views of the city skyline with the views of the beautiful ocean and beaches, we find peace and serenity in the landscape in which we are surrounded by. The Broadstairs beaches, especially Botany Bay, and the local atmosphere really are something special. The locality found in a small seaside town like Broadstairs is what warms our hearts, by enjoying what the small businesses have to offer we endorse its rich sense of community. It’s this sense of community that makes us love where we live.

Broadstairs continues to amaze us with its versatility. Whether you are into luxury restaurants, fancy bars, quaint cafes, ice cream on the beach, or just good old fish and chips, Broadstairs will gift it to you on a silver platter. With this, you can rest assured that you will be well looked after and catered for on your trip to the coast. Having seen our apartments and the whole of Broadstairs booming with life, we can't wait for a summer of vibrancy and joy.

We love the buzz that comes with the bank holiday weekend, and we know you do too! There’s nothing better than collectively coming together and enjoying a relaxing weekend of seeing friends and family, grabbing a pint, or treating ourselves to fish and chips on the beach from our favourite traditional chip shop! We would like to thank the local hospitality staff for serving us this bank holiday weekend as we appreciate that you have sacrificed your day off so that others can enjoy theirs!

Whether you are thinking of trying something new, or returning to your favourite spot, Broadstairs is waiting for you with open arms.

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