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Timeless Thanet

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

In this video of Ramsgate in 1969, we are presented with the same exciting, fun and picturesque town that we still see today. Our ‘Stranger in Ramsgate’ not only explores the wonders that Thanet has to offer but mingles with the friendly locals who invite him to be one of their own. This welcoming, home-like atmosphere remains in Thanet, whether it be 1969 or 2021.

Take a look at the video from 1969!

With tight restrictions as a result of the current pandemic, the perfect beach holiday lies at the forefront of all of our minds. We may not be able to relax by the sea in Marbella, but there is a sand filled sanctuary much closer than you may think. It is the ideal spot for a summer staycation when the current restrictions lift, why go abroad when you can enjoy a safe holiday by the sea in a beautiful, local town in England?

Being one of the great English seaside destinations since the 19th century, Thanet still encapsulates the essence of a great summer escape. Although our surroundings change as the world develops, nothing can alter or negate the authenticity of these historic seaside towns. The prehistoric cliffs that protect Ramsgate’s coastline still stand as tall and steadfast as they always have, just as the reputation for this beautiful town does.


There is still an annual regatta during the summer in Ramsgate, giving us the opportunity to not only admire the docked boats in the marina but to immerse ourselves in watching them in action. The docking ports have always been a main attraction in Thanet and are intertwined with its sense of community to this day. You’ll also find multiple markets where you can buy fresh, local produce and not to mention the timeless fish and chip shops dotted around the town. Be sure to go looking for hidden beauties like the Madeira Walk Waterfall, introduced in 1984, an oasis amongst the greenery that surrounds it.

To stand on the promenade just as so many before us did, the town tells a story of community and entertainment that lives on to this day. From the 1960s to today, the residents of Thanet have incredible stories and experiences to share of their beloved home. It is these personal stories that are passed down by generations that create interactive culture and history within the storyline of the towns. The childhood memories of seaside holidays are resurrected by the taste of the salty air and rock candy sticks so we must ask ourselves, why would we not grace our children with these everlasting experiences?

The fast-paced lifestyle of cities like London can leave us fatigued, but nothing compares to the tranquillity that is found in the sound of waves washing onto the beach. With only an hour and fifteen minutes to the Thanet Coastline by train, it is the perfect escape for a day trip. Treat yourself and the children to a day of fresh air and adventure this coming summer and let your rambunctious minds run free. Thanet has been the go-to holiday destination in England for years and it definitely still is. With an increase in people moving from London to seaside towns and cities, it is evident that the tranquil seaside life is becoming more desired by the day.

We have become so accustomed to city life, but nothing equates to the refreshing lifestyle within the coastal towns of Thanet. The experiences we hold dear to our hearts are embedded in these places, the sand between our toes holds memories like no other place, we hold shells to our ears and listen to the stories of our past. The adventures of seaside holidays are in the past, but in no way are they gone, and we should continue to bask in the experiences that come with holiday destinations such as Thanet.

Book now for this summer and experience all that the Thanet coastline has to offer!

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